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Module 6: How Can You Achieve It? – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 18, 2020

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In this last module we are going to go over practical strategies and tools that will bring everything that we have talked about together. So we are going to learn to put one foot in front of the other, and take those baby steps we need to move forward. I think when we compare ourselves to others, that quote about “comparing our beginning to someone else’s middle”, I think we even do that to ourselves. We get stuck on the idea of how do we achieve this goal, we see the end of the dream we don’t really recognize that all we need to do is take very incremental steps to get closer to our dream so we let the fear of the end result paralyze us from doing anything. We are going to work toward positive habits that will allow us to thrive and create a future that is accountable and inspired. I believe in the tortoise vs hare mentality and creating businesses, and visions and futures that are most sustainable by being aligned with our values, our dreams our needs and our realities. When we are able to take all of these things that we’ve discussed and bring them together in very practical ways, we can build something really beautiful and inspiring for ourselves.

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