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Module 1: Who Are You? – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 14, 2020

This first module is designed to help us get to know ourselves and who we are right now in this present moment.

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Who Are You Currently?

And How Is That Different From Who You Were Before?

  • In our teen years we are trying to figure out who we are and what we will become.
  • In our twenties we may be starting to question what we’ve been taught and think about what things look like when making our own decisions.
  • In our thirties many of us embark on serious relationships, jobs, sometimes kids and we see ourselves through the lens of those constructs.
  • In our forties we start to settle into what is vs what we might have dreamed and imagined as possible.
  • In our fifties our path becomes even more finite as we age, we are facing a possibly empty nest, our jobs may be changing, we are thinking much more about retirement.
  • As we continue to age we are possibly dealing with aging parents, more illnesses. We realize that there is only so much we can achieve in our lives, not mention more experience with heartbreak, trauma and challenges.

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