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Module 5: Why Does It Matter – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 18, 2020

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In this module, we are going to ask ourselves, why does any of it matter? We are going to figure out what we personally need to have a better quality of life. We are going to figure out how we can avoid burn out, how we can be more fulfilled, and how we need to nurture ourselves. This is the self-care module. We are going to learn about respecting the seasons that we are in, and learn to be okay with pausing sometimes. We are in such a culture of hustle and create, and when we are forced to pause (just like we have all recently learned), it’s really hard for us. We reject it and we make it harder by not leaning into that. This is a time to focus on self-care and what self-care should look like for you, because we are all different. All self-care really means is finding ways to replenish and fill your well, whatever that looks like. So we are going to define what that looks like so we can be more whole people outside of our work and other responsibilities. So this one is all about self care and taking care of ourselves and balance. A great quote about balance is that we are – there is no such thing as perfect balance. Balance is really like being in a rowboat and continually steering your way back toward center, so it’s going to steer a little to the left and a little to theĀ  right ad balance is the act of continuing to steer ourselves back toward center so that is the goal of this module is to figure out what we need to do to create habits, routines and a life where we are continually steering back toward center instead of going all the way in one direction and then all the way in another and taking care of ourselves in that way.

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