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Module 4: What Do You Need to Let Go Of? – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 17, 2020

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Peace Quote
Peace Quote

This next module is about letting go, figuring out what is serving us and what is not. Giving ourselves grace and permission to grieve our losses and the things that haven’t gone the way we’ve wanted them to but also gaining peace from moving on from that. Oftentimes we struggle with things that are not going our way and we continue to push things up a mountain that is really hard instead of leaning into the ease of what is working and figuring out why that is working and why the other thing isn’t working, learning to let go of what isn’t working so that we are not making things harder on ourselves. At other times, duringĀ  our lives maybe people have taken advantage of us, maybe despite maintaining your boundaries, this happens to all of us and it makes us feel bitter and resentful. We are going to work through those feelings and try to get to the other side. In addition, life can throw some major curveballs and it can be hard. We are all going to go through hard things, that is just a fact. Hard things are hard. How do we get through these challenges with grace and resiliance and emerge stronger and better because of them? That’s what we are going to work through with these excercises so I hope you will be willing to be vulnerable with yourself so that we can crack things open and really get to the other side. The famous quote, the only way past it is through it. I’ve had a lot of personal experience in that and it really is true, the only way past it is through it so we have to just slowly push our way through them to get past them and once we get past them then we can really find clarity , peace and be happy to move forward and just let them go. Again, part of that process is grieving it and that is okay too. I think a lot of times we try to bury these feelings inside of us instead of honoring what we are feeling no matter what those feelings are. So that is what this is about, it may be challenging but you are going to feel a lot lighter afterwards, after we have figured out what is really holding us back. This is a big one.

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