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Module 2: What Do You Value? – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 16, 2020
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This module is designed to help us figure out further what we value and expand upon the excercises that we’ve already done. When we know what we value it’s easier for us to make decisions that align with those values which helps us stay the course and help us avoid things like burn-out which oftentimes happens when there is a mismatch of our actions and outcomes not matching with our values or our expectations. Oftentimes that’s when burnout happens because things didn’t work out the way we thought they would, or maybe we were pushing for the wrong things to hard, or trying too much. We all ultimately didn’t recognize that there was a part of us that was being addressed, our values were somehow not being met. I think sometimes we think we know what we value but we find through trial and error of life that sometimes it’s different or even it can be hard to discern in a noisy world with all our obligations and responsibilities and circumstances and forgetfulness even.  It’s easy to put our values aside and not make them the most important thing. Just like anything we need to revisit and maintain and do constant check-ins with ourselves like a check engine light on a car. For some of us this routine maintenence (self care) is easier than others. For some it is less easy but becomes easier over time as we develop solid habits around it. We want to avoid the breaking down and having a harder time recovering. The key is when we are able to create habits that are powerful and intentional and checking in with ourselves regularly we are able to be more resiliant and emerge quicker into our new normal when we are more aware of what those things are. We are all going to face major crises in our life that are both expected and unexpected and when we know what we value we are able to lean into those values with whatever comes next.

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