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Module 3: What Are Your Dreams – Introduction

Michelle Smith September 17, 2020

This third module is designed to help you identify and tap into your dreams. What are they? Where you want to go, finding them.

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All about tapping into your dreams what are they where do you want to go, how do you even find them. When we go through hard things and as our life evolves, as we get older, sometimes we change some of our dreams, sometimes we don’t, We tend to stop dreaming and tend to consider them as frivilous. Maybe other people tell us that, maybe we tell ourselves that, so we just kind of stop. It becomes harder and harder the less that we tap into that. I’m going to go over some strategies and we are going to learn about how to tap into our dreams and give them the credence that they deserve. This will be a safe space for you to explore and let your wild ideas run free and just see what they are. You are probably a different person than you were when you were younger, we all are, but a lot of times we stay dreaming about the things we were dreaming about when we were much younger and we don’t evolve those dreams as we get older and we tend to shelve them. It’s important to refine and redefine what we want and dream about new things. That is a very powerful strategy and opportunity for creating great outcomes for our futures.

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