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Big Magic

Michelle Smith September 13, 2020

This month’s book is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I really love this book because it is a short read you can find it as an audiobook, you can buy the book, you can even find someone reading it on youtube for free so you can be doing the dishes in the background, whatever. I recommend owning the book because it’s probably the kind you are going to go back over and over again but the audiobook version has the author Elizabeth Gilbert is reading it in her own voice and it helps target those ideas really well. Elizaebth is the author of eat pray love about 20 years ago Julia Roverts played her in the movie version and the whole thing upended her lifestyle quite a bit.

Big Magic Graphic

Watch below as Elizabeth Gilbert reads from a chapter of her book, Big Magic, at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. Get a preview of the book and what it's about before reading it.

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