Discover & Create
A More Fulfilled Life
A 12-Week Online Course

This course was created to help you figure out what matters to you most by accessing what is hidden below the surface, letting go of the things that aren't serving you, creating a clear vision and creating actionable steps once you've achieved that clarity of purpose.

"When Things Change Inside You, They Change Around You."

- Author Unknown

What You Will Learn:

Over A 12-Week Period You Will Learn:


Who You Are

You will learn more about how to lean into your strengths and weaknesses with actionable concepts and tools.


What You Value

You will learn to cut through the noise and
find clarity about what really matters to you.


What Your Dreams Are

You will learn how to tap into your intuition and start trusting your dreams.


What You Need To Let Go Of

You will learn to make peace with things that are holding you back with exercises designed to push you forward gently.


Why It Matters

You will learn how to prioritize things better so that you can have a better quality of life.


How To Bring It All Together

You will learn accessible tips to help you be more productive and efficient.

Like Gather's in-person classes, this online course has been lovingly created to inspire and teach in a thoughtful and accessible way.

Michelle Smith is an amazing instructor and mentor. Her style of teaching is enlightening and thought-provoking. On many occasions, it's as if she has shaken my soul by the shoulders — the ideas she puts forth really resonate with me and she truly teaches from the heart. I also love her format and method. I've learned so much from my classmates as well! I look forward to taking many more classes with her in the future. If you have the chance to learn from Michelle, take it!

Meghan H.

Here's What You'll Get:

6 Learning

Each module is focused around a different theme intended to help you align with your goals with activities supporting each theme.

6 Book Club

Each inspiring book is selected with themes that relate to the coursework.  There will be highlighted passages & journal prompts that relate to concepts in each book.

Comprehensive PDF Workbook

A comprehensive workbook to guide you through each module’s activities.

3 Live Group
Online Chats

Three times throughout the course we’ll meet in a group online chat forum to learn from others and create community around the course.

The world is a richer place when you are able to bring your full self to it. Sometimes, it takes intentional seeking to find that clarity and purpose, especially when the path feels less clear.

Spending time with Michelle can be a life changer because she's someone you can grow with. Personally, professionally, artistically, even spiritually, she stirs up the right questions within you and encourages you to live a more fulfilled life. She's in pursuit of many of the things I am, which makes it all the more satisfying to connect with her about life and, hear her ideas on how to live well, how to connect with others, how to connect with yourself, and the many ways to pursue what matters to you most.​​

Mary H.

Why Did I Create This Course?

I am passionate about sharing my experiences through teaching in an effort to help you grow, learn about, foster and promote your own gifts.

I sought out Michelle’s advice not only because she comes with over a decade of experience but because she is someone I find inspiring. She clearly laid out what steps I should take in order to create my dream future. She presented real life examples which helped me further understand the steps I needed to take to move forward. She asked thoughtful questions that challenged me to think outside the box. She helped me paint picture of what I could achieve and how I can get there. Most importantly, Michelle inspired me to take the leap of faith I needed and gave me the confidence to know that achieving my goals is possible.

Monica D.

How Do I Know If The Course Is Right For Me?

This Course Is Perfect For You If You Relate To Any of the Following Statements...


You had a lot of dreams but now they feel unrealistic. You feel a little disenchanted.


You’ve accomplished much of what you wanted for yourself but are now thinking “now what?”.


You feel the itch to grow toward something new.


You feel like you might be on the right path but it’s hard to have perspective (and who has the time?)


You are looking to put yourself first for a change, for community and accountability.


Through video modules, workbooks and journal prompts you'll work through what matters most to you. Through community and conversation you'll find a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Michelle’s coaching style is very conversational. She supports growth by steering a dialogue around areas of opportunity, for which her senses are finely tuned from years of experience.

Megan C.

What It Costs

This twelve week online course is only offered once-a-year with limited spots available.


Pay All At Once
Best Value


3 Installments

The course includes:

6 online learning modules, 6 curated book club selections, accompanying journal prompts, a comprehensive PDF workbook, 3 live group zoom chats/discussions with Michelle, and year long access to the course for re-watching and reviewing.

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This Online Course Runs from January 21st-April 8th, 2021

There are Limited Spots Available
It is Only Offered Once A Year
Registration Ends December 15th

Michelle has really helped me to challenge myself to be more productive and has helped me think creatively when stuck. She's been great to bounce new ideas off of and has given me the experienced feedback, I lack which has been super rewarding and helpful. Personally she's a really open person who is all about community and creates a comfortable environment to collaborate and build people up.

Michael C.

When what you value aligns with what you are actively doing, you are more likely to feel fulfilled. Taking the time to honor that and figure out what that means to you is a powerful game-changer.

Hi, I'm Michelle

I am passionate about helping others find the things that make their life worthwhile so that they in turn can help others and create a more empowered community.

I am the owner of Gather, a cozy coworking space, intimate event venue, and online shop located in downtown Cary, North Carolina.

In addition to Gather, I have founded multiple businesses including The Rock & Shop Market in 2004, a highly successful makers-market which was the first of its kind in the Southeast featuring over 100 juried vendors, bands, DJs and food trucks.

I’m a multi-passionate creative and  am also a product designer and  occasionally work as a professional food, prop and interior stylist and photographer working with such publications as Southern Living, Rachel Ray Everyday, Meredith Publications, Fons and Porter and more (I am lucky to call it my professional hobby).

When I’m not working on business ventures you’ll find me restoring my 80-year old cottage, curled up with a good book, biking to the farmer’s market or gardening alongside my Scientist husband (who moonlights as a chocolate candy maker) and my middle-school aged illustration-loving daughter (who teaches me humility and resilience daily) and our tortie cat, Caramel.


"When The Path Reveals Itself, Follow It."

- Cheryl Strayed

Michelle brought foresight to my overall vision, spotting opportunities ahead and helping me to process next steps - even before I had a clear direction of them myself. With her own experiences, she is able to bring clarity and reignite motivation with grace and a fresh perspective.​

Diana P.

Over the years, I have facilitated hundreds of classes ranging from business, to craft, to self improvement. The common thread in all of them is the desire to make a more beautiful, empowered and inspired life, alongside others, each of who are on their own individual journey.


Frequently Asked Questions.

This is not a business course and is open to anyone who is seeking a shift in their perspective
and an intentional focus on figuring out “what’s next”.

The course is delivered online. Each week you will have access to focus of that week’s module on our website. The class is video-based with supplementary activities done on your own in the accompanying PDF workbook download. On 3 scheduled dates, there will be a group online forum with Michelle and other students in the class for discussions and questions intended to deepen the coursework and get to know others in the class.

Students taking the course will have one year to re-watch and review the material.

It is recommended that you devote a couple hours a week to each module and accompanying workbook. The videos themselves are around 20 minutes but you should spend more time digging into the accompanying activities associated with each to get the most benefit from the course and see the best results.

I feel strongly the course is priced fairly based on the time, effort and work contained within. There are three grants available if you are unable to afford the class but would like to take it. You can apply here. Preference is given to folks identifying as women and BIPOC.

This course offers a 3-installment payment plan, as well as a discount if paid upfront and all at once.

Limited Spots and Once A Year.

You may get a refund up until 14 days of the course if you find that the course isn’t a good fit for you.

This is a fully online course so you can reside in any part of the world to be a part of it. This is a big reason why I created this course in this online format, to make it accessible to more people.

No. I have selected passages from each book that discuss major aspects of each. If you choose to read the books on your own time after the course is over, I highly recommend it because the books are so impactful, but it is not required or necessary.

The course runs from Thursday January 21st-April 8th, 2022. You can watch each week’s module at any time during the week (or after). The three live online sessions will be held:

  • Thursday February 11th, 7pm EST
  • Thursday March 11th, 7pm EST
  • Thursday April 8th, 7pm EST

Have Additional Questions About the Course? Get in Touch:

There is so much learning that happens when we sit alongside each other with an open mind. When we are open to listening, sharing and just enjoying the process together, magic happens.